Getting Ready For 2019

New year is coming tomorrow. A lot of great things are ahead of me. Independence streak This all started sometime 2017, in March, then this whole year was awesome, I worked in Elm, developed two products. Had great summer, observed Eclipse. Joining big org Then near the end, I joined Allstate. This got me into really cool and interesting organization. Sometime in November this year, I joined Arity, which is Allstate company focused on using data to enhance our mobility.

Devengine Stalled

My adventure with devEngine started really well, but after a while all activity just stupped, which really is sad, as this is great project. I tried several things to review it and but nothing seemed to work. From this perspective, it is obvious some of the issues I had, but nothing was really huge, for some reason we didn’t gain traction. For now it is stopped but I am working on some way to get it up and running again.

Netlify Impresses

So, this site lay fallow for a little bit, like a year or so :). Maybe less. I was really busy. Seriously. So now I had some time and read through few articles about how people deploy their sites. I knew about Netlify from before, but made me look again and it is really super awesome and simple to have site with them. Static sites are their thing and it is a joy to see, just update site, commit to git and things happen in the background and boom!

Welcome to new site, welcome to Hugo

This is my new site. I went through a lot of false starts. Tried a lot of different tools to publish my thoughts, you would think I write a lot since I was obesessing so much about how to make it as easy as possible. Winner In the end, here we are, Hugo is the winner. It started with Middleman I started originally with Middleman. I got frustrated as theming took too much time and I wasn’t super focused to begin with.