I was brewing myself some loose leaf green tea and thinking about how green tea is the most misunderstood tea ever. Unless you are asian, most people completely miss how to brew this tea properly, kill the taste and genuinely can’t enjoy this wonderful tea.

Every Language Focus

Every programming language carries focus on a problem space that is naturally good at solving. You would think that we pick languages as we focus on problems, but I am not 100% sure this is the case. There is definitely seeking best tool for the job, but it is also that certain tools inspire our thinking and focus on a problem in certain way.

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Agility vs Productivity

I am complelled to write this as a reaction to how people implement agile mostly, but also to so many terrible office trends that exist today and unfortunatelly that I have to endure some of those.

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I think this perfectly summarizes my approach to work.


My son came to me this afternoon, “Hey Dad, did you hear about Picard…”, I stopped him before he finished his sentence… “Son, we are StarWars family.”.

He looked at me… “Sooo, no?”… “Exactly.”

I do hear it is a good movie though and have huge respect for actors… Apparently it is a series. We are after all StarWars family.

My kids are crazy about this song. I wanted to include it here so it is not always serious coding stuff.

Eevee has a long and exhaustive post about history of html and css. I forgot a lot of these things, how we had to put FONT (in caps) for every tag. Anyhow, it is fantastic read and spend time remembering or learning about it, if you are younger, it is well worth it to remember where we all came from.


ArsTechnica has article explaining and showing how their fully remote offices look like. I think it is fantastic view into what is one the better ways to work.


This is perfectly amusing story about someone elses crash and burn in startupville. This guy is honest, he is smart, this doesn’t prevent him from making dumb mistakes. Excellent read.


This is post from 2015 but titles are really fantastic for any developer to experience especially if they didn’t read those before.

And I apparently forgot to include link :). Have no idea what was so fantastic.