So a funny thing happened. I am starting a new project and wanted to use (Tachyons)[]. So I did training on one website, really fantastic, totally sold me on idea of using it.

So I add it to a project and nothing works, and classes I am writing are like sh*t and completely not working. I was completely confused. And I kept googling for Tachyons and the closest thing I found was some articles on PostCSS and more verbose classes for Tachyons. Tachyons docs are a little crappy and you can’t find anything there, too many things but the one you are looking for is just not there.

But since I got really good impression initially, I kept at it, and layout came to light. The only thing, joy that I felt during the training was not there. I really started questioning my sanity.

Then I see that I made bookmark on the desktop to website I used, below all the windows… And you know what it was?! (TailWindCSS)[]!!

No wonder I couldn’t find it. It does have a little weird setup, just to start you need to setup PostCSS etc, but it seems totally worth it and honestly, docs are really good.

So there you have it :)