So a funny thing happened. I am starting a new project and wanted to use (Tachyons)[]. So I did training on one website, really fantastic, totally sold me on idea of using it.

So I add it to a project and nothing works, and classes I am writing are like sh*t and completely not working. I was completely confused. And I kept googling for Tachyons and the closest thing I found was some articles on PostCSS and more verbose classes for Tachyons. Tachyons docs are a little crappy and you can’t find anything there, too many things but the one you are looking for is just not there.

But since I got really good impression initially, I kept at it, and layout came to light. The only thing, joy that I felt during the training was not there. I really started questioning my sanity.

Then I see that I made bookmark on the desktop to website I used, below all the windows… And you know what it was?! (TailWindCSS)[]!!

No wonder I couldn’t find it. It does have a little weird setup, just to start you need to setup PostCSS etc, but it seems totally worth it and honestly, docs are really good.

So there you have it :)

To be minimalist in your code and tech stack is great skill and something only most senior technologists know how to well.

To err is human; to introduce bugs is to be a developer; and to debug is part of everyday life.

I feel like Facebook is doing absolutely right thing for completely wrong reasons. It will be open-sourced in the end anyway, so I think this is fantastic news.

This topic on how everything is slower, perceptually or real is coming up every now and then.

This is really good article about how futile is to commute today, especially for places that make all collaboration tools. Anyhow, I plan to expand on it in future, but for now, here it is.

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I want to explain few random posts on Twitter and LinkedIn, I created new blog, publishing workflow and my “microblog” posts get automagically posted to Twitter and LinkedIn. Homepage is at and so far I am happy that I can write and post about things I care about and it will be shared everywhere that is relevant.

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So, there was some issue with titles being messed up for microposts, and @help was suggesting that killing titles for microposts is best strategy. So hopefully this will work.