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So, there was some issue with titles being messed up for microposts, and @help was suggesting that killing titles for microposts is best strategy. So hopefully this will work.

I just want to point out, that while this chill deep house theme was playing, I was able to setup a new blog, configure everything, explore different kind of posts, shortcodes, tie it to be published on Netlify, connect it to, tie crossposting to Twitter and while it is still playing, waiting for posts to show up on Twitter. Cool.

Just started a new microblog (look it up) on and and things look good. Now let’s see if this will cross post to Twitter and LinkedIn. So far, things are super cool.

At the moment, I am interested in developing my TypeScript skills for current work, restarting using Elm and Phoenix for future projects.

Creating A New Blog

I had previous blog linger without any real posts. I thought about shutting thing down and releasing domain name. But I do have desire to write. It just takes too much time and planning to express what new and notable is in a form of coherent post. Recently I discovered network. It make total sense. Often I find really cool video, or link to article. Or I just have short insight.

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