Getting Ready For 2019

New year is coming tomorrow. A lot of great things are ahead of me.

Independence streak

This all started sometime 2017, in March, then this whole year was awesome, I worked in Elm, developed two products. Had great summer, observed Eclipse.

Joining big org

Then near the end, I joined Allstate. This got me into really cool and interesting organization. Sometime in November this year, I joined Arity, which is Allstate company focused on using data to enhance our mobility. I am sure there is better way to explain this, but this is how I understand and view it.

So, New Year, new challenges as well.

Startup School

Past year was also awesome, because I got into Startup School with my friend Megha. That was very interesting experience and I still expect a lot from things that I got there.

What is shame, while in program, there were a lot of great offers from Digital Ocean and AWS, and I didn’t use any of those.

But service we build, Penny, is solid and Vlada and me are working on it. So there. I expect by April to have it ready, for what specifically, I should probably meditate on that.

Penny service

Penny is marketing service that will post and vary your message persistently whenever there is bandwidth on your social channels.

It is smart not to post while you are, but only when you are not using your social accounts.

It is also smart to vary message each time, so it isn’t dumb ads. Well, the last part, we provide technology and capability, whoever is using it, should also apply some wit to it and it can be awesome additon to other outreach to clients.

2019 ?

I have great plans for this year.

There will be more, but these are some businessy things I am thinking about and why I think 2019 will be epic year for me and people I work with.