Netlify Impresses

So, this site lay fallow for a little bit, like a year or so :). Maybe less. I was really busy. Seriously.

So now I had some time and read through few articles about how people deploy their sites. I knew about Netlify from before, but made me look again and it is really super awesome and simple to have site with them. Static sites are their thing and it is a joy to see, just update site, commit to git and things happen in the background and boom! Updates are live.

Configuring custom domain name, as well as making it SSL also is very seamless and I feel like it saved me quite some time waiting for it. I even had to ping support for one small issue, and Chris responded right away and matter was resolved in 5 mins. So, everything is AWESOME!

I am still using Hugo, I am pushing changes and updates to BitBucket and they get picked up automagically from there by Netlify. Simple and easy.