Welcome to new site, welcome to Hugo

This is my new site. I went through a lot of false starts. Tried a lot of different tools to publish my thoughts, you would think I write a lot since I was obesessing so much about how to make it as easy as possible.


In the end, here we are, Hugo is the winner.

It started with Middleman

I started originally with Middleman. I got frustrated as theming took too much time and I wasn’t super focused to begin with. I was looking at Go before and remember Hugo impressed me.

Then it was Hugo

Actually, now that I think of it, I was looking to publish a lot of static content from cvs files for a project a while back, and while Middleman can do this and I could make it work, having 100K pages or however many it was, would just take a little longer. So Hugo was potential candidate because, if there is one thing it does, it is super fast.

Even having a small bloggy site like this, it is pleasant to know how fast Hugo is.

Hugo is based on Go and it works super fast, it is compiled, so, very little to do in terms of instalation and dependecies resolution (ahem, ahem gems). Pretty much every other tool out there, you will have to suffer through dependencies and resolution.

Trying Hexo

However, it wasn’t straight road to Hugo, I wanted to experiment more, I tried Middleman one more time, I tried Hexo which looks great.

Hexo is based on javascript, it has fantastic features. Before I got it to run, I had to suffer through instalation of dependencies. Since I don’t use node every day, there were some issues with npm that took some time to resolve.

Problem with Hexo, once I got it to work was, that when your page is off, there is an error, it really spills it guts on you. And it is not pretty and it is hard to see where the problem is. I thought about it, I really liked a lot about Hexo, but every time there is indentation error or partial is not named correctly or something small, I don’t want to see this. So sadly, I had to part way with Hexo.

Trying Jekyll

Next was Jekyll, I know of several really great sites that use it, it is workhorse, it works well, it is based on Ruby. Overall, being fan of Middleman, I was really impressed how Jekyll is working and what kind of features it has (it’s been lone time since I looked and it came a long way).

Jekyll has fantastic selection of themes, and honestly, this is very important for blog engine. You want your stuff to look great. A lot of themes can be found free and also plugs into other tools like analytics etc.

What I ran into was, well, themes look very good, but once I apply them, my stuff doesn’t look that great. And… well I didn’t like how theme is integrated into engine, so you get whole Jekyll install with theme. That looked weird. Plus some don’t have Gemfile, so you have to figure out (not hard) which gems you should install.

And back to Hugo

Maybe I am spoiled, but I missed theming of Hugo. I looked at it one more time. I really like how fast things happen. There are few warts, but I can live with them. I like how themes are decoupled from rest of the site and it has some really well thought out features. So here we are, running on Hugo and let’s see how long it will take me to change my mind.